New to hammocking? Or just new to Hobo Hammocks? Answer a few questions to learn a little more about which Hobo Hammock is right for you. As always, Hobo Hammocks come with a lifetime unlimited warranty. Also, for every purchase made, we donate a meal to the homeless

Q: Do you plan on sharing your hammock?

With a 540 lb weight capacity, our hammock is great to share! Cuddle up, or hang with a few of your friends, or your favorite adventure pup. 

Our hammock is the perfect size for one. You will find that you can comfortable sleep in the great double size. It is enough material that you feel secure, but not too much that you feel like you are drowning in hammock. 

Q: Headed on a hunting trip and need to blend in?

We’ve got two great color options if you are looking for a hammock that will blend in with your surroundings. We have The Wooded Camouflage, and The Survivor

Q: Do you need some extra skeeto protection?

Our Skeeto Shield Hammock is easy to set up and will protect you from all those nasty bugs on the trail. This is a great purchase even if you only occasionally need protection from mosquitos because you can easily flip the hammock over and hang without the net.

Here is a two minute video on how to set up your Hobo Hammock Skeeto Shield, check it out

Q: Expecting inclement weather on your hang?

We also offer a rain fly. It is a necessity if you are expecting any sort of precipitation during your hang. It is also great to cut back on wind. Our rain fly comes as a single unit with everything you need attached (ropes and stakes).  

Hopefully these questions helped you answer the question which Hobo Hammock is right for you. Don’t forget to use code hhblogfollower for $7 off your order. Happy hanging!