Selling Hammocks and Fighting Homelessness

Hey Homies! First of all, homelessness sucks. And we want to do something about it. As a result of our donations to the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, we help feed the homeless and get them into a program to get them off the streets.

Hobo Hammocks is a for profit company. We do not want there to be any confusion in that regard. We love selling hammocks, and introducing people to the amazing world of hammocking. But we also enjoy making a few bucks while we’re at it. That doesn’t stop us from using some of those profits to fight homelessness. We believe that every for profit company should find a cause and contribute to it. It just makes sense.

Before starting the company, I chose to try out a life of homelessness for a while.  It taught me a lot of things. It made me realize how difficult it can be to do so many simple, every day tasks. I live in Utah, and the winters can get very cold. Through interactions with the homeless, I learned that they stay in cold places like Utah so that they can be close to their families.  Even though life circumstances won’t allow these people to live with their families, they still want to be close to them! It’s true that many of our homeless friends have difficult mental issues, and most of them have less than optimal life experiences which have altered their personalities and minds. This is all the more reason why the need to be cared for and looked after.

I encourage everyone reading this to buy some pop tarts or granola bars, or cliff bars, and load them up in the console of your car. Consequently, whenever a panhandler asks you, you’ll have something that will be of value to them.