Date Ideas

Ever since being introduced to the world of hammocking about 4 years ago, I’ve loved everything about it. I try to integrate it into my life as much as possible, which is why I now present to you this list of 10 awesome date ideas using hammocks!!!

The Date Ideas

  1. Pack a picnic and go on a day hike to a waterfall. Hang your hammock near the waterfall for a relaxing afternoon nap! Nothing says romance like the sound of a majestic waterfall crashing down as you doze off spooning your lover in your double hobo hammock.

  2. Grab your ukulele/guitar then play some tunes for your lover in your hammock as the sun sets over the ocean. Bonus points for writing a song just for them.

  3. Build a hammock ladder and have a contest to see who can climb it the fastest! To see a video that shows how to climb the ladder, click here!

  4. Just go camping together! Camping is a great way to get some high quality time together without  having any of the normal distractions around, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a while.

  5. For a group date, build a hammock hive. It’s a fun challenge to see how close together you can get the hammocks, and if you’re spending the night, then throw a tarp over the hammock hive and you will stay plenty warm. While it may be cold outside, having all those warm bodies bundled up close together will make things nice and toasty!

  6. Go winter hammocking. Hammocking can get quite chilly. Bring along that special someone and double up to stay warm and toasty on your great winter adventures!

  7. Use your car plus another random object to come up with the most random/cool hammocking spot. Share it on your favorite social media and use #hobohammocks for a chance to win a free hammock!

  8. Have a campfire and hang your hammock next to the fire to capture the warm ambience of the fire and the comfort of the hammock. Nothing brings out good stories and conversation like a solid campfire.

  9. Install a hammock in your partners bedroom using this easy to use indoor hammock hanging kit. If they don’t appreciate this act of love, then maybe you need to find yourself a new partner.

  10. Snag a laptop and cocoon yourselves into the hammock while you watch a nice romantic comedy inside the hammock!

Get out there

This list ought to keep you busy with your hammock and your partner for a while. If you’ve got any other great date ideas, then share them! Share your pictures on your favorite social media and use hashtag: #hobohammocks for your chance to win a free hammock!