How To Climb a Hammock Ladder

Dog Double Hammock Tower

Ever wondered how you get into the top hammock when multiple hammocks are stacked between the same 2 trees? Here’s how they do it!

Camping During Quarantine

Let’s face it. Corona Virus is a giant bummer. There’s no denying that. It’s killing thousands, and it’s forcing us to avoid contact with the people we love and care about. Covid-19 has certainly taken it’s toll, and it’s not done yet. The good news is we are not completely stuck. We are being advised […]

Outdoor Activities to Try Out this Fall

Summer is over and it’s time to take advantage of cooler temperatures during this time of the year and spend some time doing fun fall  outdoor activities  like going to the beach, hiking, camping, fishing, gardening or apple picking before it gets too cold in winter. Go apple picking. Hit your local orchard or U-Pick farm […]

Latest in Solar Powered Camping Gadgets for 2019

We always try to keep up with the latest in gadgets to make our home and work life easier. From SmartTVs to Alexa, we want to find ways to save time and energy in getting things done. The same goes with camping and other outdoor activities. You want to get away for a while but […]

What to Include in your Camping Survival Kit

Many of us find spending time outdoors relaxing and stress-relieving because we get to be with our friends or family and just hang out. Stepping away from our busy work or school life, we get to decompress and enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the simplicity of outdoor living. Your backpack, aside from […]

Most Sought Out Hiking Backpacks of 2019

Whether you’re out hiking or camping, you’ll always have stuff to carry. Depending on the hike distance and days you’ll be spending outdoors, you’ll need a backpack that’s comfortable and trail-tested. We have gatheredĀ this year’s top picks for backpacksĀ to find out why outdoor enthusiasts are impressed with them. 1. Hyperlite Mtn Gear 4400 SouthwestWeight: 2 […]

Review: Best Ultralight Hiking Jackets of 2019

When you’re out hiking or backpacking, having a jacket is a must. But not just any jacket, a jacket that is made for the outdoors that can help you withstand sudden downpour or strong wind and is not heavy like the ones we’re featuring here. Aside from being lightweight as their main selling feature, each of these jackets […]

The Top 3 Backpacking Stoves of 2019

What people remember after their camping or hiking trip differ from person to person. Others remember the breath-taking views they got to witness firsthand, others reminisce about the interesting conversations they had with their companions during a campfire jam.  There are also those who associate their memories with food and recall fond experiences through the food […]