Pitching a tent at the beach is like combining your two favorite ice cream flavors in one cone.

You get to enjoy the sea breeze, frolic in the sand and go surfing. During the night you can enjoy engaging conversation with your buddies at the campfire.

Check out the beach campgrounds in or near your area to see which one best suits you and the activities you want to do. Do you plan on bringing your bicycle to go for a ride along the shore? Is there a campfire site so you can bring your guitar or bongo to play some music at night? How far is the campground to the beach, is it of walking distance? If you’re planning to bring your fur buddy, is the campground accommodating to fur companions as well?

Camping Gear
For the beach: beach umbrella; chairs, mats or hammock
For the campground: tent, sleeping bags, tarp

Cooking Gear
Bring reusable utensils, multi-tool with knife and can opener.
Check with the campground personnel if they can provide the firewood and grate or if they have a designated cooking area.

Food Supply
Prepare according on how many days you will spend on your beach camping getaway and store food in an ample sized cooler. Keeping yourself hydrated when camping at the beach is very important.

Clothing and Personal Items
For the beach: swimwear, beach towel, sunscreen
For the campground: lightweight, quick-drying breathable clothes, insect repellent

After all the fun and memories you’ve created during your beach camping trip, don’t forget to clean up before you leave the beach and campground. Avoid leaving trash especially plastic so that the next campers will get to enjoy their beach camping adventure as much as you did.