Aside from getting a high quality product when you buy a hammock, you will also receive things most other companies don’t provide (for free). Not to mention, with each purchase you are giving back! Check out some of the awesome things you get with your purchase and a little more about why we are so passionate about helping the homeless. Also, don’t forget to use code hhblogfollower for $7 off your order because we think our readers are awesome.


What you get

Lifetime unlimited warranty

We offer lifetime unlimited warranty on your Hobo Hammock. Send your broken or malfunctioning hammock in and tell us why it broke, and get yourself a brand new hammock. A Hobo Hammock is a hammock for life. Today, tomorrow, or ten years down the road, the warranty still stands because you know… unlimited.

We also want your old hammocks! We recycle and repair old portable hammocks, and then donate them to the homeless. If you have an old hammock, click here to find out how to trade it in and receive a brand new one at a heavily discounted price.

Free shipping

Hobo Hammocks offers free shipping on your order. The price of your hammock is the price at checkout. No need to tack on an additional cost for shipping. Awesome. We know.

Hanging straps

While most other companies charge an additional fee for their hammock hanging straps, we provide ours with the purchase of your hammock. This is a cost savings for you of $10 (or more!) When you buy a hammock you have everything you need to head outdoors and set it up. No additional purchases required.


What you give


Buy a hammock, feed the homeless

We realize the homeless have a lot of difficulties and our mission and passion is to find solutions. To start, when you buy a hammock we provide one healthy meal to the homeless.

But that’s not all. We wanted to do more so we teamed up with the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake. Together we are focusing our efforts on not only feeding the homeless, but helping them find jobs and apartments. Learn more about the Rescue Mission’s program here.

We are passionate about creating scenarios where everybody wins, and that’s exactly what your purchase with Hobo Hammocks will do.

Portable Hammocks


Now you understand why Hobo Hammocks are the best. You get a great quality product, unlimited warranty, free accessories, free shipping, and you get to give back. So go buy a hammock, you know you want to. Happy Hanging!