You have finally decided on the date for your camping trip and all your companions have RSVP’d. You take time off work and prepared the gear, cookware, accessories and other needed personal items. What’s missing?

Among the initial things to consider that people sometimes overlook is the camp site. Depending on the number of days you plan to spend for your outdoor activity and the things you have planned – kayaking, hiking, biking, playing ball games or frisbee – find the most ideal camp site so you can do everything you set out to do.



Choose a dry area and not at risk of getting flooded if it rains because water can seep through your tent’s flooring and sleeping bag.

Look for a level or relatively flat campsite within close proximity to the water source and not too near the trail.

Don’t get too near animal habitats to avoid unwanted guests especially at meal time.
Not too fond of the cold and humidity?

Don’t pitch your tent at the bottom of a valley or canyon. Set up camp under or next to trees or large rocks that will block the wind and reduce heat loss.

Consider your sleeping position as well when you are selecting your tent’s spot to make sure that you get to rest through the night comfortably.

camp site

Are you fond of taking photos? Are you planning on arranging a photography session with your buddies to capture scenic views while hiking during the day or appreciating the clear starry sky at night? Check out the camp site that you plan to go to if it is safe to take photos, especially at dusk or during the evening.

It would also depend on the weather condition as well as your companions’ level of outdoor experience to make sure that everyone will have a great time. It would also be helpful to prepare a checklist to avoid forgetting anything important.