Mother’s day is May 13th, which makes it just over a week away. It can be stressful to come up with the perfect gift for the woman that means so much to you. If you have no ideas for the outdoorsy mama in your life, we’ve put together a list that should help you out. 

Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Mama

  1. An inspiring adventure book! We’ve put together a whole list in this post, but here are a few suggestions: The Alchemist, Wild, or A Walk in the Woods.
  2. Make a magnet of her favorite family hike photo, or outdoor picture so she can see it all the time. 
  3. A Hobo Hammock is a great gift for Mother’s day. It is double sized which allows for plenty of cuddle room for mom and kiddos. It also comes with a lifetime unlimited warranty which means the kids can use it stress free! Use code hhblogfollower for $7 off your order. 
  4. Is she a fan of National Parks? Is there a State Park or local Nature Center she likes to spend time at? Buy her a membership so she can visit whenever she wants throughout the year. 
  5. Replace some of her worn out gear, or get her a some new gear she has been dreaming about. Is she a mountain biker? Try a Hero Kit. Is she a hiker? Get her a new daypack and fill it with her favorite trail bars. Get your camping mama a bleacher chair to use while camping, or while attending sporting events. 
  6. Does your mom have a favorite flower or tree? Plants are an awesome Mother’s day gift. 
  7. Prepare a family meal for her and take it outside! Give her this picnic blanket to make the gift complete.  

Free Gift Ideas

  1. Give her a coupon for one solo day in the woods. While she’s gone do the laundry, clean the house and make dinner. When she returns she will be a new woman and it will be the most appreciated gift of the year!
  2. Find a new hike and go on it together as a family! Spending time together outside is exactly what she would want.
  3. Make a “Top 10” list with your top 10 favorite outdoor adventures you’ve gone on together, family memories, or top 10 things you love about her. 

No matter what you have planned for Mother’s day, all Mom really wants is to know how much you love and appreciate her. What are your favorite gift ideas for your outdoorsy mama? Happy hanging!