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How To Climb a Hammock Ladder

Have you ever seen a stack of hammocks and wondered how in the world they get into the upper hammocks? We’ve put together a quick tutorial to teach you how to be a hammock ladder climbing master!

Tha’ts it. Pretty simple! Just in case you’d like a step by step guide, here it is:

1- Reach For The Sky

Reach your hands towards the hammock above you. Grab the outside edges of the hammock above you.

2- Leg Lock

While holding the hammock above you, reach your legs up on the inside of the hammock above you, and lock your heels up under the outside edge of the hammock.

3- Plank

With your heels locked in position and your arms holding tight, do a plank and pelvic thrust as high into the hammock above you as you can. 

4- Roll

This is the final step, just turn your head and shoulders to one side, and your body and hammock will follow until you’re safely nestled in the hammock that was once above you!

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