East Canyon State Park Hammock Stand

Calling all Salt Lake City locals! There is a new hammock stand at East Canyon State Park. It is a  multiperson hammock stand that can accomodate up to 8 people. 

The stand, built by Nido Structures, is called “The Weaver.” It is made from reclaimed steel oil pipe. The stand protects trees and tree bark from the damage that can be done from hammock straps. Color coded hammock clips also make set up a breeze. It is a safe, easy way to hang with your friends. 

"The Weaver"

We recently spent some time talking to Dan, Head of Design at Nido Structures, about “The Weaver.” We asked our fellow hammock enthusiast a couple of questions about the product and his life, check it out!

Q: What originally got you into hammocking?

A:  “Growing up, my house backed up to Parr Park in Grapevine, Texas. It was a sanctuary – really the highlight of my childhood. It was the place my friends and I went to get away from the woes of middleschool/highschool life! One day, someone showed up with a hammock, and the rest is history.”

Q: Tell me about the ideation and creation of "The Weaver"

 A:  “When I went to college (UT Austin), I met Olivia. She was equally as into hammocking as I was – so we started a club! Texas Hammocking served as a platform to meet other outdoor enthusiasts while exploring and serving the wonderful Austin Parks system. We also hung our hammocks up on campus. A lot. So much so, that hammocking got banned on UT grounds. This offered an interesting predicament to the hammocking club… We did some research and found that hanging hammocks in urban environments – where use is more frequent than in a forest – can strip the bark on trees, exposing them to potential disease and death.  So, we needed a way to safely hang hammocks in the city – where we spend most of our time! Our solution was the Weaver – a multi-person ‘urban forest.'”

Q: What have you learned in the process of creating "The Weaver"?

A:  “The biggest fact I’ve learned through making the Weaver is that a good team is absolutely essential. I spend a hefty chunk of my time around Alex, Zane, and Olivia, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It takes work, and a lot of communication, but it has been a rewarding experience thus far.”

Q: How many parks is "The Weaver" currently at?

A:  “East Canyon is our first Park! We are working hard to learn from this opportunity and expand to parks, universities, and other open spaces across the country.” 

As Nido Structures is a brand new company, they are looking for cool ideas! Contact dan@nidostructures.com with any ideas or places in your life that could use a hammock forest. Give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on their progress and events.

Read on to learn more about “The Weaver” hammock stand in SLC.

The Hammock site is located at Big Rock Campground site 25 at East Canyon State Park. Day use of the site is free and the cost to rent the site overnight is $20.00.  Call 801-829-6866 to make your reservation.  

Don’t have a hammock but want to hang? No worries! East Canyon State Park offers hammock rentals for $8.00 for the duration of your stay. Yurts and cabins are also available for rent. For more information about the park visit the facebook page or website here

So go enjoy the park, check out the hammock stand, build a hammock forest, and let us know what you think! The summer is almost over so take advantage of the days while you can. Click here for directions to the park. 

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