Hikes in Utah

Since Hobo Hammocks is based in Utah, we thought we would share some of our favorite hiking trails in the area. If you have visited Utah you know we have some great mountains. Which means, we have some great trails. There are some short ones, and some longer ones, but they all promise a killer view and a great time. 

Spring is right around the corner (at least it was last week) and it inspired us to start our hiking list for spring/summer. Hiking is definitely one of my favorite things to do in the Spring and Summer. It is a great way to get outside, spend time with family, and see the beautiful state we call home! 

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While the top of the mountains might still have a few feet of snow, take advantage of some of the lower elevation hikes. 

1. Antelope Island State Park

There are tons of hikes to do here, and most are easily accessible by early spring. It is a great place to see wildlife and appreciate the beauty of the great salt lake. You could try the Dooly Knob Trail (3 miles round trip), Buffalo Point Trail (1 mile round trip), or Frary Peak Trail (6.6 miles round trip). 

For more hikes at Antelope Island State Park, check out this site. 

2. The Living Room trail

This is a popular 2.2 mile round trip hike that gets you some amazing views of Salt Lake City. By early spring the trail should be relatively easy to navigate. Take the time to enjoy the rocks set up in the “living room” once you get to the top!

3. Bell Canyon Reservoir

This is another popular hike that is easily accessible by early spring. It is an easy, 1.5 mile round trip. Bring your kids, or just head up for some fresh air. 

4. Donut Falls

This is a great short hike to do in early spring as it gets very popular into the summer months. Make it to the end to find a cave and waterfall. Well worth the short 1.5 mile hike. 

Summer Hikes in Utah

1. Broads Fork Basin

This is a great trail in the Salt Lake area. It is about 4.5 miles round trip and you walk beside a nice stream and see a waterfall. Definitely worth adding to your summer hiking list. 

2. Sunset Peak

This is a breathtaking hike. Hike past lakes Mary, Martha, and Catherine to Sunset Peak where all three are easily visible. This is about a 4.5 mile round trip hike best done in July-August. 

3. The Uinta's

If you have never been to the High Uintas Wilderness Area, it is a must see. There are several hikes and it makes for a great backpacking trip. Perfect for a family trip, day trip, or early morning fishing run. Try the Lofty Lake Loop Trail (4 miles) or the Amethyst lake Trail (11.7 miles).

4. Naomi Peak Trail

This is a great summer hike. The trail will likely not be cleared of snow until July, but once it is, it is work the 6.5 mile round trip journey. You will ultimately reach the peak of Mount Naomi and arrive to beautiful views and maybe even some wildflowers along the way.

5. Adams Canyon Trail

This is a popular trail near Layton, Utah. It runs about 5.4 miles round trip and features a beautiful waterfall at the top. 

6. Fifth Water Hot Springs Trail

This cool attraction is located in Diamond Fork Canyon, in Spanish Fork. Hike about 5 miles into the canyon for hot pots of various temperatures and depths. A fun and different adventure!  

7. Malan's Peak

Hike 4.5 miles up Malan’s Peak for some great views of the great salt lake and Ogden area. Take the time to stop and enjoy many of the beautiful views along the way to the top. 

8. Crimson Trail

Logan Canyon is where we spend most of our summer, so I couldn’t not include this gem of a hike. No matter what time of day or what time of year, you will see some sort of beauty. I have never been disappointed with this hike. It is about 6 miles round trip. 

This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hikes in Utah. Did we include your favorite? We didn’t even dive into all the beauty in Southern Utah. Hopefully you are able to get outside this spring and summer and check out some of these hikes in Utah.