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The RV Camper’s Guide To Hammocks

Here at Hobo Hammocks, we believe it’s very important to never forget where you come from. And you, my dear reader, most likely didn’t start out as an RV camper. No doubt you’ve had some beautiful experiences camping the old-fashioned way in a tent, or if you were real fortunate, maybe you even got to experience hammock camping under the stars. For me, there’s nothing more peaceful than staring up at a beautiful night sky, swaying gently in the breeze as you drift into dreamland. 

Whether or not you feel the same, it’s an inarguable fact that having a hammock with you on an RV outing provides some extra relaxation at any time of the day! We’ve put together this guide to help you make the most of your RV adventures with the help of a hammock!

The Hammock

As I previously mentioned, one of my favorite ways of camping is to jump in my hammock under the stars. No rain fly, no extra fluff. Just me and my hammock and the night sky. In order to make it a perfect experience, you need to make sure you have the right gear. Our hammocks are designed with a special nylon material, similar to what parachutes use. Unlike rope hammocks or ragged cloth hammocks, there are no pressure points and your weight is distributed evenly to avoid sore spots. With our specially designed hammocks, you won’t find any spreader bars. These bars may look enticing, but they can spell disaster. They move the center of gravity up and make it much more likely to flip your hammock and suffer a tremendous tumble! 

Spreader bars also make your hammock a lot less comfortable, often adding back some of the previously discussed pressure points. Hobo Hammocks are literally designed for camping and long term sleeping, so you’re sure to get a great night’s rest! You can check out our selection of hammocks here

Hammock Girl

The Underquilt

Of course sleeping under the stars with nothing but a hammock only works on warm summer nights with clear skies. If you are in a cooler climate or colder season, you’ll need a little insulation. That’s where an underquilt comes in. The amazing thing about underquilts is that it adds insulation without taking up any of your hammock space! That’s because an underquilt fits around the outside of your hammock. It’s like a sleeping bag, but for your hammock instead of for you. The first time I tried one, I was amazed at the comfort and level of warmth it provided. 

My underquilt allowed me to hammock camp all year long! Before I used an underquilt I used a sleeping pad in my hammock. While this kept me warmer, it was much less comfortable than sleeping in just my hammock. Now I use my hammock, underquilt, and Big Agnes sleeping bag, and I stay roasty toasty warm.


The Rainfly

You also need to consider the possibility of inclement weather. If you’re unsure what the forecast looks like, it’s best to be prepared with a nice Rain Fly. This one can be set up and taken down very quickly, and will do a perfect job of keeping you dry. Of course, another option is to set up close to the RV so you can just sneak inside if it starts to rain. But we’re talking about being adventurous here! 

It’s not as good as the starry night sky, but the sound of raindrops hitting my tarp overhead is actually quite relaxing for me. It soothes the soul more than getting lost in Rock ‘N Roll. Either way though, I drift away. Ya’ know?


One of the only bummers about being outside and camping are the pesky mosquitoes. Whether they’re buzzing in your ear or drinking your blood, there’s not much I can think of that can drive me crazy like a mosquito can. But no worries because hammock camping has evolved enough to keep those suckers away, too. 

This one set’s up nicely. It’s quick and easy and is guaranteed to keep the bugs away from you as long as you stay in your safety zone of peace and dreams. (Why would you want to leave that zone anyway?!) 

If sleeping outside in a hammock sounds too crazy for you don’t worry, there’s still a place for hammocks in your RV life. Check out this family. They outgrew their RV and had more people than beds, so they installed an indoor hanging kit in their RV and one of the kids sleep in the hammock inside!

If you own an RV, but don’t own a hammock, talk to your RV friends. I’m sure several of them have hammocks, and they will all tell you that having a hammock is an AMAZING part of the RV experience. Now get out there and have some fun!

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