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The Only Hammock Knot You’ll Ever Need: How To Hang a Hammock!

How to Hang | Hammock Knot

If you’ve ever asked yourself how to hang a hammock, here it is: the only hammock knot you’ll ever need! It’s an infographic made by Emily Caraballo @ Ice Design! It outlines 3 super easy steps teaching you how to tie the only knot you’ll ever need for your hammock. This knot is useful for a whole slew of other things, too. It’s super easy to tie, and even easier to untie. Check it out!

Pretty easy, right? Just in case you have any questions, here’s a step-by-step hammock knot video: How To Hang a Hammock!


Hammock Knot video dialogue

“Today I’m gonna’ show you the only knot you’ll ever need for your hammock. You take your webbing, and you’re gonna’ thread it through the top, down through the biner, and then pull it off to the right.

Once you get that to the desired length, you’re going to take the tale of the webbing and flip it over the top of the webbing, just like this to the left there. You started going down, know you’re going to come back up with the webbing and pull a little loop through the loop you just made.

So you see right there you’ve got a loop and you’ve got a tail. You can put as much weight as you want on that. It’s not going to budge. The great thing is that as soon as you wanna’ untie this. All you gotta’ do is grab the tail end of the knot, and you just pull on it and that comes right out and you’re free quick and easy.

So I use that knot on my carabiners. You can see here I’ve got my hammock strung up using that modified clove hitch. You can also use it to tie the tree end. I have the metal clamps that I just threaded it through so I don’t need to do that here but it’s just as easy. So now that we’ve got that knot let’s go ahead and test it out, make sure it’ll hold me up.

So you can see here I’m in the hammock no problem. Suspended off the ground. Got those loops holding me up. Now the great thing is when you wanna’ get out, just grab that tail, pull, like I told ya’ earlier, really easy to get it down. Quick setup, quick takedown, this knot is AWESOME!

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